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Menu Logos For Linuxmint Made By Me

You can download these for your own use enjoy just click each one right click save image as. For any Edition just create a folder in your home directory and place them there these logos will work for any edition of mint even MATE And Cinnamon KDE And XFCE the one labelled logo.png is the original that comes with mint XFCE Edition (for menu button on panel) You Need To Resize Your Panel For these to work

See My How To's Page

Linuxmint Menu Button Logos

Sky Blue logo
Purple logo
Mint-X Yellow logo
Mint-X Teal logo
Mint-X Red logo
Mint-X Sand logo
Mint-X Purple logo
Mint-X Pink logo
Mint-X Orange logo
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linuxmint Showcase made by Shawn Tilbury
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