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        Recommended Programs And Games For Linux Mint
To View Screenshots of these programs go to the Images Gallery
note that there are no screenshots of games yet
In Synaptic Package Manager Or the Software Manager type in the search bar gnome software
it should list that program in the software manager double click it and then choose install
in Synaptic click it and choose mark for installation then click on the mark button then click apply button
you will have more programs and games available to you that you will not normally find in synaptic or the software manager
it is easy to use in synaptic or the software manager you can install the Apps & Games i list here by there names in lowercase only

in Linuxmint 19 the search box in synaptic is no longer available click the search button and use it instead the quick search didn't always work anyway.

1 K3b ( For Disk Burning ) k3b
2 DevedeNG (For DVD Authoring) devede
3 Shutter (For Screenshots) shutter
4 Okular (Universal Document Viewer) okular and you can get the okular-extra backends package and the odp backend for openoffice documents
5 Glabels (create Business Cards labels media covers and more) glabels
6 streamtuner2 (Listen to tons of radio stations free in any genre) streamtuner2
7 handbrake (for ripping and encoding DVDs)
8 imagination (create Slideshows for dvd)
9 Sound Juicer (Copy CDs to your hard drive so you can put on mp3 player)
use Gnome Software (Software Manager) to install that
10 bleachbit (to Clean The temporary files)
11 Parole Media Player (to play music with) parole
12 artha (A dictionary)
13 Gimp Image Editor that is already installed by default in Linux mint
14 Firefox Web Browser installed by default
15 Thunderbird E-mail Client installed by default
16 Pidgin instant message client installed by default But not in Mint version 19
17 Pix Image Viewer Installed by default
18 kolourpaint4 (paint program similar to Microsoft Windows Paint)
19 Tomboy Notes (sticky note app) installed by default
20 kodi (Media Center App watch some free movie channels like popcornflix)
21 scribus (Create Business Cards and more)
22 phatch (Photo Batch Processor) Not Available For Mint Version 19 Use trimage Instead
23 pinta (Drawing Program sort of like ms paint)
24 gthumb (Image Viewer plus some editing functions)
25 mtpaint (graphics editor)
26 bum (Boot Up Manager manage programs that run at startup) Not Available For Mint Version 19
27 preload (adaptive read ahead daemon)no need for screenshot its a service
28 timeshift (system restore utility installed by default in Linux Mint 18.3
in earlier releases or when you upgrade to 18.3 you must install it along with redshift and mint-report
to get all the new features)
29 marble (Maps Application has maps of the world)
30 gsmartcontrol (is a graphical user interface for smartctl, which is a tool for
querying and controlling SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting
Technology) data on modern hard disk drives. It allows you to inspect the
drive's SMART data to determine its health, as well as run various tests on it.
I highly Recommend this program)
31 wine (A Windows compatibility layer so you can run windows software and games)no screenshot available
32 winetricks ( A front end for wine)
33 Disk Usage Analyzer (Installed By Default)
34 LibreOffice (office suite installed by default)
35 gradio (Listen to radio stations you must use the software manager click on flatpak to find and install it)
36 xfburn (disk burning program installed by default in the XFCE Edition of Linuxmint
1 nexuiz (First Person Shooter)
2 dreamchess (a nice Chess Game)
3  eboard (chess game)
4  criticalmass (a Space Shooter like space invaders or galaxian)
5  openinvaders (space invaders clone)
6  moon-lander (land with your lander on the moon)
7  pacman (a Familiar Game)
8  warzone 2100 (A Real Time War Strategy Game)
9  oolite (space simulator game pilot a spaceship) not available for Mint Version 19
10 openarena (another good first person shooter)
11 sauerbraten (another good first person shooter)
12 powermanga (another really good space shooter upgrade your ship as you fight)
13 maelstrom (an asteroids type game)
14 openra (OpenRA is a Libre/Free Real Time Strategy game engine supporting early
Westwood games like Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert.
The engine is designed from the ground up to be extremely moddable and
natively supports user-created maps and mods.
15 assaultcube (realistic first-person shooter)
16 astromenace (hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities)
17 boswars (futuristic real-time strategy game)
18 crrcsim (Model-Airplane Flight Simulator)
19 gl-117 (An action flight simulator)
20 uqm (The Ur-Quan Masters - An inter-galactic adventure game)

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