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How To's

How To Install My Logos

For Any Edition just create a folder in your home directory place the logos there.

you can drag and drop them from whatever folder you saved them to To the folder you created for them if you open it

in my home directory i create a folder named Linuxmint Menu logos

for mine

and just right click your menu button and left click properties there you can change logos you first have to choose the directory your logos are in

then choose your logo of choice then click OK next time you do this the folder

is remembered so you can just choose and not have to specify the folder again.

How To Resize The Panel

1st you need to resize it if you plan on using my logos i made

also to me it looks better when it is bigger the icons and everything on it is much easier to see and easier on the eyes no having to squint

For MATE Right Click the panel that bar at the bottom of the screen left click on properties

a window will come up on the window where it says size with a plus and minus sign

change the size to 50

for XFCE you do the same except in the right click menu you click on panel preferences

change the row size to 50 you use a slider to change row size

steps for Cinnamon and KDE Will be added later

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